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Thursday, February 22, 2018
By Michael David
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There are two types of brides. There's the bride that wants her day to be absolutely perfect and nothing will get in the way of her dream wedding.  Then there's the bride who is completely laid back and just goes with the flow of the day. She knows that her day won’t be perfect.  She knows that things will happen that will may put a minor dent in her day and she’s ok with that.  
Liz was that laid back bride.  While some brides (and guests) would pray that it didn't snow on their wedding day, Liz was actually hoping for snow.  She loved the idea of a snowy wedding day and snow is what she got. It literally snowed ALL day.  I'm not talking about little snow flakes.  BIG snow flakes.  Perfect for pictures.  
Liz and John remind me a lot of my wife April and I.  Liz is outgoing, fun, extremely friendly and totally an extrovert - like myself.  John is totally like April.  Reserved, thinks before speaking, genuine and super introverted.  It was like I was photographing April and myself all night.  It was awesome. 
Their beautiful ceremony was celebrated at Christ the King Church in Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Because their wedding was December 30th, The church still had Christmas decorations up on display.  It was really perfect considering the time of year and snow.
The reception was at the new Atlantic Resort (formally Atlantic Beach Club).  The whole night was full of energy thanks to the band, Those Guys.  Everyone was totally into the music, especially Liz and John.
Liz and John, if your marriage is anything like your wedding, then I have no doubt it will be beautiful, fun, genuine and perfect.

Bridesmaids: The Bridal Shoppe
Band: Those Guys
Cake: Mother of the Groom
Flowers: Aunt of Groom


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