The Dilemma: Wedding Album or a Second Shooter
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
By Michael David
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Almost every time I meet with a client, the biggest question is whether they should go with a second shooter or a wedding album. At the surface this is a daunting question, and the answer for some can be highly subjective. But when you really dive in and peel back the layers of the question, I’m convinced the answer is a no-brainer.

When you really look at the dilemma at face value, it’s a short-term fix (the album) versus a long-term solution (the second shooter). What do I mean by this?

The ultimate goal for most couples is getting the wedding album. I don't care if we live in a digital age. The idea of physically holding your wedding images in your hand is a magical one and holds value. Until you met with the wedding photographer, the idea of a second shooter wasn't even a thought in your mind. Now that you’ve met with the person responsible for capturing the best moments of your wedding, he or she is throwing this wrench in your plan and you don't know what to do. The short-term fix to this dilemma is just get the album and call it a day, but what about the long-term fix?

Having a second shooter is so incredibly important. I know you’re asking yourself, “isn't your job to be my photographer?” Well of course, but I can’t be everywhere. I have two eyes and two legs. Oh yea, I can’t forget the two arms.
I can only see what is in front of my eyes and I can only go take pictures of events that I’m aware of. What about the moments that I can’t be at because I am preoccupied with the images I’m capturing in the moment? For example, during the speeches, as I’m taking the pictures of the maid of honor giving her moving speech, I’m going to be missing the moments of the bride crying and laughing. Or what if I’m taking this massive group shot with every family member from Maine to Costa Rica in one corner of the reception? I will be missing the moments on the dance floor.
Let’s make this more simple: If I am photographing the bride getting ready, who's going to take pictures of the groom getting ready? Or for another example, while I’m photographing the formal cocktail hour, who is going to capture all the detail shots of the reception room?
So, the long-term solution, making you the happiest you can be 30 years from now, would be to get the second shooter. At the end of the day, the quality of the images is most important. Make sure you get every one of those images and make sure the images of your day are being captured well. Help your photographer to go the extra mile and capture the images that he can’t typically get or is unaware of.

You see, the long-term fix ultimately holds so much more value. You can always pick up a wedding album. You will not be able to re-create the moments missed because you decided to opt for the short-term fix.


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