The Day I thought April Was going to Kill Me
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Monday, January 22, 2018
By Michael David
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It was October 2010. At the end of our very first date, April asked if she could plan a surprise date. I was a little skeptical, but she didn't appear to be an axe murder so I said, "Sure!" April called me midweek and instructed me to bring a flashlight. She gave me her address and said be at my house by 7. Flashlights? In the middle of fall? That is it. My life is over. 

I drove to her house in Woodstock, CT. There are literally no street lights in Woodstock. It is pitch black. I mean I just met this girl and she’s asking me to come to her house which is enveloped in complete and utter darkness with a flashlight for a "surprise" she had planned for me. 
As my mind raced with thoughts of her leading me to my life's end, I took a step back and remembered that beautiful smile that smiled back at me. Could that beautiful smile be up to no good?
I got to the house, she hopped in my car and at this this point she still hasn't told me where we are are going. She just said, "Turn here," and "turn there." I was waiting for her to push the button to lock the doors like they did in the movies. That was the signal in my mind - once I heard those door locks, it was go time and every man for himself.
We arrived at this dark parking lot and she said we are here. As we got out of my car, I looked around and all I could see was corn stalks. Immediately, my mind when to the Steven King thriller Children of the Corn. But quickly my fears were trumped with her soft voice letting me know we were having our surprise date in a corn maze in the dark under the stars. 
This was when I started to fall in love with April. It was as we held hands under the stars walking in this corn maze. We had the stars above our heads. The moonlight provided the light along with our flashlights. Our souls being warmed by the touch of our hands. I have to admit, it was extremely romantic. I can't lie - I tried to sneak in a kiss.  April would have none of it. You see, April had never actually kissed a guy before. She was saving her lips for the one she knew she was going to marry. 
Ok, so the romance ended when we got lost in the maze and had to call for someone to get us out. I didn't feel too much like a hero that night but it was THAT night I knew I had found my wife.
On the way home, I played James Taylor and I held her hand as I sang her the song, "You’ve Got a Friend." As April says it was at that moment she was knew she was being romanticized and she loved it. SIDE NOTE: You’ve Got a Friend," was also our wedding song.
So what fun story do you have about your husband or wife? Was it love at first sight?
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