Story Behind The Image: The Ultimate Selfie
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Monday, January 30, 2017
By Michael David
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Story Behind The Image: The Ultimate Selfie


If you know Caitlyn and Ben, you can’t help but admire the love they share. It’s an infectious love mixed with a high school kind of mentality. Know what I mean? It’s fun, innocent and contagious. It was really no surprise then, as I started to meet their guests at the wedding, that I was seeing a familiar trait. Everyone there, in one way or another, had caught that fun, innocent love that exudes from Caitlyn and Ben.  

I was hired for eight or 10 hours for their wedding. I remember when there were about two hours left, thinking to myself, “I REALLY need some dancing to happen.” At that moment I didn't have one dancing shot of guests. I wasn't having a nervous breakdown, but I was starting to get a little anxious. I shouldn't have been surprised by what unfolded, but sometimes I can’t help myself. The first song played and the dance floor opened up. Usually a few people will trickle on during the first dance, but not so on this day. It was like a bomb exploded on the dance floor as everyone stampeded. Instead of the mass casualties I was expecting to see, there was a dance floor full of moving bodies. The energy was amazing. I couldn't move.  

My goal with these things is always to get a good assortment of different guests dropping it like it’s hot and grabbing the cornstarch off the top shelf. But because I couldn't move at this particular wedding, that strategy wasn't workable. I decided to grab a chair and shoot down on the guests.  

I remember as I grabbed the chair and set up shop spotting this gentleman with a kick-butt bowtie. He intrigued me. I kept my eye on him as I was shooting. Then I saw him raise his right hand. I knew right then and there that he was going for the selfie. I quickly pivoted on my chair while doing my best not to fall. I snapped this image and knew instantly that magic had just happened. But the best part was something I didn't realize until I got home and put it up on my big screen. Take a look at the guy in the top right pointing to the camera. Yes! He put the perfect finishing touch on this image.

It’s moments like these that make me truly love my job. It’s moments like these that I truly live for as a wedding photographer!  

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