Story Behind The Image: Romance In The Rain
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Sunday, February 05, 2017
By Michael David
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Have you ever watched a movie where there was an absolute downpour? The stars of the movie grab each other by the waist as they gaze into each other’s eyes and, boom, the man plants one of the best and romantic kisses on his girl that you have ever seen. Every girl (and this guy) has dreamed of that moment where they could re-enact that scene. It’s still on my bucket list, and now I just need to convince April…LOL…she hates the rain.
      This brings me to Kal and Rebecca. We started their shoot at Rodger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. It was pretty cloudy but I couldn't smell rain so I figured we were in the clear. 
      This shoot started out like any other shoot. You know, we took pictures of them and their pig. Yes, you read that right; they brought their pig. You could tell Kal was slightly embarrassed by the pig, but he loved Rebecca so much that he was willing to snap a few shots with the porker.
      Fast-forward a little bit. If you know Rodger Williams Park, you know it’s a gigantic place. I remember at one point we were a good half-mile from the cars. The shoot was going fantastic when we felt the first drop. We kept shooting, thinking it was going to pass. It didn't pass. In fact, I haven't seen it rain that hard since then. It was brutal. Kal and Rebecca booked it to the cars. Me? I enjoyed the rain. I skipped and danced in the puddles. Ok, that's not totally true, but my camera bag and gear are waterproof, so I wasn't worried about damaged gear. I walked to the car like it was a sunny day.

       As I reached the cars Kal and Rebecca were sitting there waiting for me to return. Since we were already wet, I suggested that we go for an epic shot. Luckily they were down for it. I had them wait in the car as I went and grabbed my 600-watts-a-second strobe and a battery pack. Now this stuff isn't waterproof, especially the battery-pack. To overcome this, I put a shopping bag over the light. The problem was, I only had one shopping bag. I rummaged through the car, praying to God for something. There it was, the super absorbent, leak-proof size three baby diaper. I placed it right over the battery, fastened those tabs and, voila, leak-proof.
      When I finished setting up, I placed Kal and Rebecca in front of the light. I had the light as high as their heads to create a nice rim light. I wanted this to be romantic and somewhat exotic, but I didn't have much time. I told them to embrace each other and hold the pose. I took roughly 15 shots and prayed for the best. I’ll be honest, I left the shoot feeling defeated and thinking I’d missed the moment of a lifetime. I didn't get that feeling like magic had just happened.
      That was, until I arrived home. I remember sitting on my couch as I was talking to April and telling her about this wild ride of a shoot. I remember going through the images and seeing this shot and instantly getting excited. Delayed magic happened. It was perfect and 100 percent worth running and shooting in the rain. Kal and Rebecca were in awe of the shot and couldn't believe it.
      There’s a lesson here: Don't let the rain or cloudy skies put a damper on your dreams. Don't let it block your sense of adventure. Go the extra mile and you may be surprised by the outcome.

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