Story Behind The Image - Mist + Brian - Bittersweet Farm - Westport Massachusetts
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Monday, November 20, 2017
By Michael David
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When I first met with met with Mist and Brian at my studio about their November 11, 2017 evening wedding, they presented me with a challenge - their ceremony was scheduled to take place after the sun had set. 
Now for any couple that has their ceremony taking place after the "golden hour" (the magical time right before sunset when the light is just perfect), I immediately ask if they would like to do a first look before the ceremony. This allows me to photograph the couple while the sun is still out. 
Brian and Mist were not too keen on a first look, so that left me with only one option - shoot their formal pictures after dark. 
Their beautiful wedding was at Bittersweet Farm in Westport, Massachusetts - a venue I know well and have photographed previously. 
Shooting their formals after sunset was challenging. Shooting them at Bittersweet Farm was awesome. It is as a old barn-like building with lovely string lights throughout giving it this elegant feel. 
Immediately following their ceremony was cocktail hour - on two separate floors. Brian, Mist and I made our way to the second floor where we cleared out a section, so we could capture this shot. How did we make magic? The second floor is a u-shaped level that over looks the first floor. Hanging from the ceiling is this big ball of white string lights, which I wanted to incorporate. I placed Mist and Brian at one end of the u-shaped second floor, while I framed the image from the other side of the building so I could include the lights just inside the left side of the frame. Throw in some professional flashes and POOF! Magic happened.
I remember looking at the camera knowing something magical had just happened.  In a way, photography is magic- you're capturing a moment gone and preserving it in time. Thank you, Brian and Mist for making magic with me
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Rick - Great job Michael! You worked your ass off and it shows in the finish!
Brian Arsenault - Thank you so much for capturing our day! Looking at this one photo gets us both very excited to see all that you captured that evening. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know that needs a professional, creative, easy-going, and versatile photographer!