Story Behind The Image- Im not Going To Cry
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Tuesday, August 08, 2017
By Michael David
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The Inn at Middletown, Middletown Connecticut. Katie said, while looking at me, “I will not cry” as she took the card out of the envelope from her soon to be husband. As she opened the card, the tears came down instantly. They were not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. I can't tell you what was on that card, but whatever it was, it was more of a confirmation she has found the man of her dreams in Wyeth.

I was shooting with my typical setup: a 35mm lens and an 85mm lens. When shooting, I always remember during intimate moments shooting in tight helps tell the story. By shooting in tight, you are eliminating all the distractions around. That was my main goal in taking this image. I wanted to capture what Katie was feeling and what I was seeing, and really tell the story through every single frame.

This was one moment that you can’t just create. I just can’t say to Katie, I want you to sit down and cry. LOL, she isn't Julia Roberts going for an Oscar. This was a real and tender moment: there are no do overs. This was a moment that as a photographer you are trained to be ready for.

Katie, whatever was on that card must have been truly amazing. Then again, it was coming from Wyeth, so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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