Story Behind The Image - Ice Ice Baby
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Wednesday, December 06, 2017
By Michael David
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Very rarely do you see a couple in their young 20’s have a deep understanding of love. Not just an understanding but a love they put into action.

You might remember Amanda and Isiah from a blog post a while back. In fact, you may remember this image .

 After taking this photo and reflecting back to my engagement session with them, I remember thinking, "How is someone who is barely 22 years old a pro at love? " I have never seen such a young couple so attentive to each other needs. During the engagement session, Amanda was very self-conscious; Isiah stopped everything to remind his bride-to-be of how beautiful she really is. Through a Christian perspective, they both talked about their love for Christ and how it pertained to their engagement and marriage. It was truly inspiring.

Fast forward to their November wedding and this image. As said in A Game of Thrones, “Nothing burns like the cold.” It was a brutally cold autumn day with chill blustering winds. It was at least 15 degrees cooler at Kirkbrae Country Club than at the North Providence Assembly of God Church. It was so cold the bridesmaids ' hands were literally blue. We had planned to take most of the formal photos outside, but Amanda could not handle the cold much longer, and her attentive groom did not want her to freeze. I had to quickly come up with a new game plan. After all, this chilly weather wasn't planned. If there’s one thing I have learned in this business is to expect and adapt to the unexpected.

We quickly found warmth inside Kirbrae and made our way to the dance floor before the guests arrived. Luis from Xtreme Sounds DJ had beautiful back-lighting set up which created a really cool background. I positioned Amanda and Isiah in the middle of the floor and then placed a light on the back of their heads to help make them pop from the background. I had my second shooter hold another light to illuminate their face. I crouched behind a table and used a glass for a little foreground imagery. That little blue you see in front of them is a wine glass.

After I took this image, I realized the same thing I did at their engagement session. I captured them. I captured the deep love that they have for each other. Age is only a number and no hindrance to true love.

Venue: Kirkbrae Country Club
Entertainment: Xtreme Sounds DJ
Flowers: Bert and Peg
Makeup: Glam Squad
Cake: Wrights Farm

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