Story Behind The Image. First Kiss
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
By Michael David Photography
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I remember the email I received from Paul Michael asking me to photograph his wedding in Oregon. My first and only reaction was a big, “heck yes!” One of my favorite parts of this amazing job God has blessed me with is traveling the country doing what I love to do, capturing people’s love stories from my point of view.  
I remember the day I walked into a Dallas ranch to meet Brandy, Paul Michael’s soon-to-be wife. I specifically remember her running down the stairs in excitement as I arrived because at that moment she said it all became so real to her. She was getting married today!
By far my favorite moment from the day was Paul stopping the wedding as Brandy started to walk down the aisle. I asked him what he was doing. He replied, “I gotta brush my teeth.” I said, “right now?” His next words shocked me because they were almost unnatural but naturally awesome. He said he and Brandy had never kissed before and he didn’t want their first kiss to be remembered by his stinky breath. I fell even more in love with this couple. They truly understood God’s vision for sexuality and honored it.  
Oh yea, back to what this blog post is all about: this image. I remember looking through the viewfinder and staring at Brandy’s smile. It was beautiful, pure and genuine. She was marrying the man God had given to her. Her smile told the story of love, kindness and patience (maybe even a little long-suffering:) In any case, she’d met her knight in shining armor and she was thrilled.  
Is there a lesson here? Sure, don’t just give your heart to just anyone. Give it to the one God has specifically set aside for you. You may be asking how you’ll know. Ask and be patient. God always answers our questions.  



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