Story Behind The Image Falling More In love With Isiah
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
By Michael David
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Amanda is a beautiful girl, she has the sweetest heart, but like most, she is self-conscious about her looks. As a photographer, I couldn’t see what she sees. I could only see a beautiful girl with a great smile. I see a girl with beautiful brown eyes and a personality that could melt snow on the coldest of days. I also see Isiah, who absolutely loves Amanda. Everything Amanda sees as flaws, Isiah sees as beautiful.

Amanda and Isiah showed up to the shoot. It was a beautiful day in Newport, Rhode Island. Amanda was nervous. She was honestly scared of being in front of the camera. What am I to do as a photographer?  How can you make someone feel beautiful if they don’t see themselves as beautiful? I needed to gain her trust and make sure she knew I understood her concerns and I was going to pose her in a flattering way and make her smile.  

We spent almost three hours shooting around Newport. As the shoot progressed, I started to see something I wasn’t necessarily expecting because I was so focused on making Amanda comfortable. I started to see this deep bold and intimate love between Amanda and Isiah. It was so beautiful and inspiring watching it play out from behind the camera.  It was the way they held each other and the way they talked to each other. It was truly amazing and beautiful.  

As we came to the end of the shoot, we went to Ocean Drive in Newport. They quickly changed into different outfits. I wanted to create something that really matched what I saw in them. I wanted to show the world the deep love they share, the rooted love and innocent love at the same time.  

As I put Amanda and Isiah in place, I told Isiah take Amanda’s face with his hands and bring her in.  “Enjoy this moment and kiss her on the forehead,” I said. 

Before I even took the image, I knew this shot was going to be amazing. As I took, the photograph I looked at the back of the camera and I knew I’d captured the true Isiah and Amanda. I captured that bold and intimate love they so deeply share.
The following is the text I received from Amanda the next morning.  

“Hey Mike, thanks so much again for coming out and taking our pictures!  We truly appreciate it! It's also a very helpful lesson for me in self-love. So thank you for dealing with that too! I fell more in love with Isiah yesterday during your photo shoot, so that was worth everything!

Have a great day!”

This right here is a story that I couldn't write or make up.  This is a story of true love. Love that is deep bold and intimate.  This is Amanda and Isiah.

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Karin - Mike.. this is so beautiful on so many levels... first your God given gift, amazing!! Gods works bringing two people together grounded in Him and His Love... shining through in their love for each other...spectacular!!
Thank you for sharing with us!
Mike Krawczyk - Love this. Thanks for sharing
Mike Spirito - God has blessed me. I'm super thankful. Sure there have been good times and some rough spots. But honestly God used every moment to mold me to who I am as a photographer husband dad and friend. He's pretty awesome.
Janie Ferragamo - Mike....
I posted in your original post, "looks like a poster for a movie..."
I stand corrected,after reading the back story, my comment is, "
" True love is captured in this moment in time."
Amazing job, dear Mike....I love saying..."Hey, I knew him before he was famous!" Hugs and continued success, I truly believe God has blessed you with His favor in your career.