Story Behind The Image - Eddie + Unique
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By Michael David
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Two words come to mind when I think of Eddie – “Radical Transformation.” Who he was and who he is today are two completely different people.

I like to compare Eddie to a block of clay, sitting on the table waiting for someone to pick it up and either mold it or throw it away. As a formless lump, Eddie just wasn’t something you wanted to look at. His was struggling with his inner demons that had eventually manifested their way into his life preventing him from realizing his full potential.

That would all soon change.

One day, with the help of God, Eddie began to address his inner demons one by one, battling them until the formless lump of clay, now had a form. His life now had purpose. God took his life and transformed it. Over the years, he's grown into an amazing father and upstanding individual. Eddie is an inspiration to all and a testament that God can take any lump of clay and mold it into something good and beautiful. 

But there was still something missing from his life.

He desired to be married. One of the last conversations I had with Eddie, was about him wanting to find his life partner. I remember telling Eddie (at a funeral of all places) that I can honestly say when God puts that special person in your path, it will change your life and it will be awesome. 

A year or so went by, and then I received a phone call from Eddie – he found “the One,” and her name is Unique. Eddie, after meeting Unique, I can honestly tell you, you have struck GOLD. She is sweet, gentle and tender. And she loves Dad jokes which also means she thinks I’m hysterical. 2 thumbs up, Unique.

This beautiful couple decided to elope and asked me to photograph their wedding. Just Eddie, Unique and a pastor - which brings me to this image. Their ceremony was at Providence City Hall and surprisingly, it was my first time there. Constructed in the 1870s, the cast iron and masonry building is just beautiful. The old architecture and stone work immediately drew me in. As soon as I walked in, I instantly thought to myself, "I am going to take pictures here and here. Oh and here too! Everywhere I looked, provided me with a dramatic backdrop for photographs. 

After the ceremony, I came upon this magnificent staircase. I wanted an image that when you looked at it, you were forced to look at them, but after a second or two you started to take in the surrounding scene. I’m not going to lie - this shot took about 10 minutes to nail. I had this vision and I knew if we just took the time, magic would happen. I placed a light behind their heads with a piece of orange plastic to give this nice warm glow. From about 15 feet away, I placed another light about 10 feet to the right of my camera with an attachment called a grid. A grid really makes the light directional almost like a spotlight. This really helped me focus on Unique and Eddie. 

After taking a quick sneak peek at my camera, Eddie agreed that taking the time to perfect this shot was so worth it to create this image. Thank you, Eddie and Unique, for trusting me to capture your day. I’m excited to show you the rest of your photos!

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