Siblings Reunited
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017
By Michael David
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When your loved one walks out the front door, there really is no guarantee in life that they will return home safely - even more so, if they are leaving home to serve our country. When Amie's brother Brian was deployed to Afghanistan last Christmas, she ​didn't know ​when he would return home.

​Brian is a Second Class Petty Officer and works closely with the​ Navy's​ ​Explosive Ordnance (EOD)​ ​team. This team performs​ ​some of the most harrowing, dangerous work in order to keep others from harm's way​.​

I photographed Amie's wedding​ ​this past​ ​July​ ​at the Warwick Country Club. Although Amie knew her brother (pictured left) was currently in Syria, there were rumblings that he may make a surprise appearance at her wedding. The chances were very slim, but you could see it in Amie’s face
that​ ​she was hoping the rumblings were true. Unfortunately​​,​ ​Brian was not able to make it​ ​to his sister's wedding. Although he wasn't able to ​attend, she still had an amazing day. ​

About a week ago,​ ​I​ ​received​ an email from Amie​ ​asking me to do a family picture of her and her two brothers. Brian is​ ​currently​ home from his stays in Syria and Japan, but is leaving again for Afghanistan in January. Without hesitation,​ ​I replied, "Absolutely!" I was honored to photograph this amazing​ ​family.

(Side​ ​note:​ ​I​​f you want to​ make me cry​ ​instantly,​ ​show me videos of fathers coming home from war to surprise their wife and kids.)

We met at a local conservatory yesterday​ ​in Coventry. I’m not going to​ ​lie​ ​-​ ​it was freaking cold. I ​led them over to this area where ​an abandoned house sits, surrounded by tall weeds mixed with grass. I knew ​i​f ​I ​photograph​ed​ it just right​,​ it would look like they were in a ​g​rass​field.

We ​f​ought the cold and we won​; we left with this amazing family photo.​ Thank you so much Am​ie,​ Brian and Kevin for allowing me to capture a special moment. Thank you​, ​Brian for fighting for our country. Without m​en and wom​en like you​,​ our country ​would be so different. Thank you for putting your life on the line for us​.​

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