Ryan and Meredith Tie The Knot - Rose Farm Inn - Block Island Rhode Island
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Monday, October 09, 2017
By Michael David
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There is a place in Rhode Island that everyone, I mean everyone, forgets is actually in Rhode Island.  It is only a 55-minute boat ride, but we Rhode Islanders forget it even exists at times.  The place is Block Island.  There are a little over 1,000 residents living on it's 10 square miles.  My favorite part of Block Island is the lack of commercialism.  There is no Walmart, McDonald’s or even a Starbucks.  I love that most of the island is undeveloped.  I had the privilege to photograph an amazing wedding on Block Island, one of Gods beautiful, untouched creations.  

The Rose Farm Inn was the perfect venue for Meredith and Ryan's Block Island wedding.  When I arrived, I was able to capture some ariel images to include with the wedding photos.  Meredith and Ryan had a beautiful wedding ceremony.  The ceremony overlooked the farm, with gorgeous stone walls.  My favorite part of the ceremony was watching Ryan and Meredith laugh at themselves crying.  I loved that they didn't take themselves too seriously and just enjoyed the special moments of their ceremony. 
The reception was extremely high energy.  Ryan and Meredith did not have a DJ, but rather they made their own music mix.  It was actually one of the best dance floors this wedding season.  Everyone had an amazing time dancing.  To Ryan and Meredith, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness always. 
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Linda Scott - I agree with the above from photographer. Just a beautiful wedding, perfect day, a lovely, fun loving couple with a wonderful future ahead of them! Had a great time. From food to dancing to just enjoying Even though it has been a month, I still think of it as it was yesterday. A perfect place for a wedding!