Raina and Howard are officially engaged
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Thursday, June 20, 2019
By Michael David Photography
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Surprisingly, New York has been a place where I have either photographed in or have had couples come from Rhode Island to be photographed. The second scenario is how I first met Raina and Howard. Initially, I had met this infectious couple when I photographed their parents vow renewal in New York a few years ago.  


I remember meeting Raina and her family, and I instantly felt this feeling of love and closeness.  Then I met Howard and I said I have met my twin. We have the same sense of humor. In fact, Raina, (just like my wife) has similar reactions towards Howard. Most of the time she laughs but then she will occasionally throw in the eye roll.  


A few months ago, Raina asked me to photograph her wedding. I was instantly excited. I was hoping so much that they would ask me to shoot their wedding. As I have said, their love is just so infectious, and they are such a fun couple.


For their engagement session, I drove to upstate New York. It was a long drive, but it was so worth it. The place they picked for the shoot was called Poets Park.  It was filled with these tall grass and beautiful scenery.  When you mix in the beautiful scenery and great couple of magic happens.  


Raina and Howard, I’m so excited to photograph your wedding. If your wedding is anything like your engagement session, then your wedding will be 100% awesome! 

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