Putting the NEW In Newport Vinyards
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Friday, August 10, 2018
By Michael David
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I've been photographing couples at Newport Vineyards for years and photographing couples kissing between the vines. Although, it's a beautiful and exciting scene, I've become used to it. This time, I decided to explore the property a little deeper and try to see it through new eyes. The result? New and exciting photos in an area I thought I knew like the back of my hand! I challenge you to rediscover something in your life - whether it's your marriage, your favorite park, or even your job. Click to see my new and exciting photos Justin & Ashley's engagement session. 
I met Justin back in November 2017 while he was helping his cousin DJ a wedding I was photographing. Upon chatting, he mentioned that he had met a great girl and was going to marry her. I said, "I know I’m here with a camera, but it may surprise you - I am a wedding photographer! Wink. Wink." Justin chuckled and by the time the wedding was over we had planned to meet to discuss his July 2019 wedding.
Now that we're about a year out before their wedding, it was time to shoot this couple's engagement photos.  About a month ago, I met Justin and Ashley at Newport Vineyards in Middletown, RI. Although I have shot there many many times, there are areas of the vineyard I have yet to shoot in. I was excited to not only capture the amazing love between Ashley and Justin, but to capture those images in parts of the vineyard I have yet to discover. 
We started with the standard and go to areas of the vineyard, among the blossoming vines and plump grapes. It didn’t take long for Ashley and Justin to really get into the engagement session. From the very first picture, they were hooked. This made it easy to transition to a new area I hadn't shot before in front of fields, stone walls, a really cool fence and even a beautiful bar area.
One of my favorite parts from the engagement shoot was when we happened upon a picnic table and we used the bench for the image. The harmony between their superb outfit choices to the bench to the vineyard, made for one awesome image. 
I had a great time exploring this vineyard with new eyes. Thanks Justin and Ashley for exploring it with me!


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