Patience Has Its Reward
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
By Michael David
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The Bible talks a lot about patience.
“But if we look forward to something we don’t yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently,” says Romans 8:25
I think of this verse when I remember Jessie and Denise. Jessie was in his late 40s and had never been married.  He spent many years waiting patiently for the love of his life.
I remember the day I took this photograph. The wedding was at the OceanCliff hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. Jessie had been getting ready at the hotel while Denise was getting ready in a cute little house nearby. These two were like high school kids in love, so heartwarming to see.
The couple did a first look before the wedding. That way they could enjoy their time together without 200 guests grasping for their attention. As Denise walked up to Jessie, his back faced her as he anticipated her arrival. I remember as Denise walked up, she and Jessie were doing a little cute and flirty talk. You could see Jessie getting more excited each step Denise took toward him.
As Denise came within an arm’s length, she tapped Jessie on the shoulder. As Jessie turned around, instant tears flowed from his eyes as he saw the one who he has been waiting for almost 50 years.  If there was a heaven on earth, this was it for Jessie.  It was pure bliss. Pure magic. It was the perfect moment for the perfect couple.

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