Married In The Snow
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Wednesday, January 03, 2018
By Michael David
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Sometimes I just sit back and let nature do its thing. You can’t control Mother Nature, no matter how you try - nature has a mind of her own.

At John and Elizabeth’s wedding, nature took over. It literally snowed during their entire wedding.

There are two ways to look at snow - especially on your wedding day.
You can view snow as a complete disaster or you can look at the softly falling magical snowflakes as an opportunity to create amazing images. John and Elizabeth saw the snow and realized they could use nature to their advantage and take some winter wonderland wedding photos.

This image was taken outside Christ the King Church in Kingston Rhode Island where they said, "I Do."

As soon as I walked out of the ceremony and saw the snow I knew something magical was going to happen. I advised my second shooter to grab a flash because my end goal was to back light snow. You might think that it would cause the snow to be invisible in photos, but it actually has the reverse affect. When you back light snow or rain it really helps make the details of the rain and snow become more evident.

We were standing in the field in front of the church as it was snowing heavily. As I fired my first shot, I just knew I had captured something magical. Even though the photo was amazing, I made a few edits to make it even more magical, resulting in the image you see here.

John and Elizabeth, thank you for accepting what nature bestowed upon on your wedding day and working with me to take this beautiful image. I can’t wait to finish your wedding pictures and show you the rest!

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