Marissa and Zach Say I Do - Foxborough MA - Lakeview Pavilion
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Friday, August 04, 2017
By Michael David
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Marissa and Zach were married in Wrentham Massachusetts and their reception was held at the beautiful Lakeview Pavillion in Foxboro mass. But, let's step back and learn a little bit more about Zach and Marissa.

Marisa and Zach, like my wife and I, met online. My wife and I met on eharmony while Marissa and Zach met on Tinder. Like my wife and I, Marissa and Zach have a great and deep faith in Christ. They have a great understanding of what true love means and what it takes to have a 100% successful marriage. Like myself, Marissa’s family is super Italian. With all these common themes, it’s no wonder I felt right at home photographing their marriage.

I first met Marissa and Zach in person the night before at the rehearsal dinner. Right from the start, I knew their wedding would be amazing. However, I must be honest, I didn’t know how awesome it would be. I mean, I knew I was in for something special, but never in my life did I anticipate such an epic reception.

The day of the wedding I met Marissa at a hotel about 10 minutes from the church. She was calm as a cucumber but was also excited to become Mrs. Henderson. I remember during the getting ready portion of the day the topic of dancing came up. I casually asked, “can you and Zach dance?” She humbly said, “I can’t really, though I try, but Zach can.”

Let's just skip right to the part that blew me away. Marissa and Zach are dancing machines. I mean I'm not just being nice. They can actually dance and dance extremely well. They set the tone for the whole night, and the guests fed off the energy they created the entire night. I have never seen such solid dancing from a bride and groom. It was amazing. There were even times the guests literally stopped dancing and backed up and gave them room as they broke it down and put on a dancing clinic. I will admit I was inspired to break it down. Then I realized God gave me a gift and it wasn’t dancing. So, I stuck to photographing the energy happening in front of my camera.

Marissa and Zach, you guys are amazing. Do me a favor: Don’t ever stop loving each other and never stop dancing. Dance together and do it often.

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