Kristin and Anthony are Engaged - Newport Rhode Island - Goat Island
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
By Michael David
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Newport, Rhode Island is always a fun place to shoot engagement sessions, especially if the weather cooperates.  For some reason though, the stars did not align for Anthony and Kristin.  A few weeks ago, we arrived in Newport at just the right time in order to capture the couple with the amazing sunset in the background.  We met at Salve Regina University and all was going well until Anthony noticed his car's popped tire.  Unfortunately, Anthony did not have the key on him that unlocked the spare tire, so needless to say, we had to reschedule. 
Exactly one week later, we met at Salve Regina University again.  This time, it started raining.   We were determined to get in as many photos as possible, but yet again we had to reschedule because the rain was unbearable.
The following week we decided that Salve Regina did not want to be friends with us.  This time we decided to meet at Goat Island.  Goat Island is actually a small island in the Narragansett Bay that is part of Newport.  I guess the expression, "third time is a charm" is true because everything was perfect.  The weather was beautiful and Anthony and Kristin were rock stars in front of the camera.  




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