Hiring A Photographer Is The Last Thing You Want To Do
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Friday, January 27, 2017
By Michael David
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Hiring a photographer is the last thing you want to do for your wedding. Yes, you heard me right. I know your brain must be saying, “Michael David, you sound ridiculous, you are talking complete and utter nonsense.” But wait, before you disregard this post as rubbish, let’s dive into what I mean.  


Now, more than ever, photography is the go-to method for capturing memories. They say more pictures are taken in one day then all the pictures added up in the 1800s (or something to that effect). Everyone is claiming to be a photographer.


This makes me think back to high school. MTV created a game called Music Generator. The whole idea was to create music by using different sounds available to you. I had this friend in class and he played this game religiously, to the point where he called himself a music producer. I remember thinking to myself, “you've got to be kidding me. Just because you put sounds together doesn't mean you’re a music producer.” It’s the same with photography. Just because you press the shutter or push the screen on your phone doesn’t make you a professional photographer. What it makes you is a person who knows how to press the shutter and push the screen on your phone. Yes, that's where the real talent takes place; it’s all on pushing the buttons ( insert sarcasm )


In a time where everyone is claiming to be a photographer and they are charging low prices that haven't been seen in years, it can be tempting to write the check and hope for the best. But I urge you to take a step back, relax, and not hire just a photographer for your wedding.

You want to hire a professional wedding photographer for your special day. A professional photographer truly understands how to shoot a wedding. A professional is able to capture images in any scenario.


• What happens if you can’t use flash?


• What happens if you have to take pictures when the lighting is less than perfect?


• What happens if it rains?


• What happens if the whole wedding is running behind and the one hour you had for pictures turns out to be 10 minutes?


• What happens if your camera breaks?


• What happens if your lens breaks?


• What happens if your hard drive crashes?  


If you have “just a photographer” shoot your wedding, these “what happens” questions turn into, “we should have trusted a professional.”


As a professional I can tell you honestly that all these situations (and many more) have happened to me. I remember the time my camera broke during a wedding. My lens and flash both broke. Then there was the time when my memory card crashed with all the wedding pictures from the wedding on it. Did the client know? Did they freak out? Were the wedding pictures ruined? Of course not, because as a professional, I prepare for these situations. I don’t even skip a beat.    


Now what about the quality of the images? As a professional I learned the most valuable lesson: photographing a wedding is more then just getting pretty shots. It’s about capturing those crucial moments. It’s those moments that can’t be re-created. You can’t tell the father of the bride to cry again as he sees his daughter for the first time. You can’t tell the groom to have the same exact look of excitement and awe as his bride walks down the aisle. Professional photographers are trained to capture these moments. It’s in our nature. From all of my years as a photographer, it’s the moments captured that make the bride melt as she sees her wedding images for the first time.  


Hire just a photographer and you’ll get what you paid for. Just like you can’t expect a fine wine from the dollar store, or a perfect steak from a fast food joint, don’t hire any old photographer and expect them to do the job of a pro.




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