Fatima + Peter - Richmond Rhode Island - Preserve At Boulder Hills
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
By Michael David
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Richmond Rhode Island- October 7, 2017 was a bittersweet day for Fatima and Peter. While they were filled with the anticipation and excitement of marrying their soulmate, they knew some of their closest loved ones couldn't be there. 
Peter lost his father at a young age and Fatima lost both of her parents at different stages of life. Fatima's father passed away suddenly just months before the wedding. 
How does a bride walk down the aisle without her father? 
How do you celebrate a father-daughter dance tradition without your dad?
Surrounding by brotherly love, Fatima didn't have to worry about those questions. Her three brothers did the coolest thing on her wedding day. Actually, they did two awesome things. Fatima's brothers all walked her down the aisle. As Fatima walked down the aisle, each brother took her by the arm and walked her to the next brother until she reached Peter who would take her hand for the rest of her life. 
During the reception Fatima's brothers danced with her during the father-daughter dance. They spent about 45 seconds dancing with her before they would hand her off to the next brother. It was one of the most memorable times of any wedding I have ever been to. It was emotional and it was intense. As you look at the picture of Fatima and her brother Manny, you can see a story being told in Manny’s eyes as he danced with his sister. It was truly heart warming. 
Fatima's brothers could not hand her off to a better man. Peter is caring thoughtful and from the moment you meet him you can see that his love for Fatima is deep. I am sure if Fatima's father was here today he would be very proud of the man Fatima is marrying. 
I can tell you as a father that even though my daughter is only 4, my goal is for my daughter's future husband to be strong, caring and protective of my daughter. That is exactly what Peter is to Fatima. The perfect man for Fatima's father and brothers to pass her on to.
To Peter and Fatima, your love is inspiring. Your families are deep and rooted in love. Continue inspiring people and continue the tradition of being deep rooted in love
Reception Site: The Preserve RI
Cake/Cupcakes/ Favors: Silver Spoon Bakery
Transportation: Newport Trolley
Make-Up: Mekayla Challis with Blushing Beauty
Hair: Kayla Tavares with Hair Design by Kayla


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Theresa - Beautiful pictures and sentiment. What an awesome couple.