Emilie + Steve - Renaissance Providence Hotel - Providence Rhode Island
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Michael David
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Emilie, Steve, and I have something in common - besides our good looks or amazing personalities. We all have at one time worked at Stop & Shop. In fact, when I was 16 years old, Steve was my boss. He was a couple years older and was in charge of the baggers and cashiers. 

Years went by and Steve and I parted ways but were reunited when I was an Assistant Manager at good old Stop & Shop in Cumberland, Rhode Island and he was my Manager. Our reunion was cut short, when I decided to leave my position there and pursue my career as a photographer. That was the best decision I have ever made by the way. Wait, wait, wait! I take that back. Just in case April reads this blog, marrying April was by far the best decision I have ever made :)
Steve met Emilie at Stop & Shop and soon enough they went from waking down the produce aisle to walking down the church aisle. They are one of the most down to earth couples I have ever met. They love to laugh and have great conversation. They don't take life too seriously and take everything in stride. 
Their October wedding was at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Providence - a beautiful place for a ceremony. I truly enjoy photographing there. They redesigned the interior and it's absolutely beautiful.  
Their reception was one to remember. When DJ announced the bridal party at the reception, the usual flow of events occurred - bridal party is announced, song plays, they dance their way in. However, Emilie and I were both in for a huge surprise! When Emilie and Steve were announced, we all found out Steve has more shake than shake and bake! Steve has some serious dance moves! He didn't stop there; he spent the whole night on the dance floor. It was pretty awesome to see. 
Emilie, it was truly awesome getting to know you. You are perfect for Steve. I'm thrilled you guys found each other. Steve, you found a real gem. She is perfect for you. I wish you guys nothing but happiness. Please don't ever stop dancing.
Cake Sin 
Tuxedo Carl Anthony
Wedding Dress Alexandras 
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