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Thursday, February 01, 2018
By Michael David
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Eddie and Unique had a unique wedding. Seriously, no pun intended. Ok, maybe just a little. ;)

The wedding consisted of five people - Eddie, Unique, Eddie's son, the pastor - and me! They exchanged their vows at Providence City Hall in Providence, Rhode Island.

Eddie and Unique met on Tinder. For those of you married folks, Tinder is an online dating app. You check out the person's bio and photos, decide if you're interested and then swipe right if you are and left if you're not. If you both swipe right, ding! A possible love connection has been made and you can now message each other on this social platform.

They both laugh at the fact that they met on Tinder, realizing it doesn’t matter how they met. All that matters is that they found each other.

Before this wedding, I have never been inside the Providence City Hall; I've only witnessed its beauty from the outside. When I stepped inside to photograph Eddie and Unique's wedding, I was instantly in shock and awe of how beautiful it was. I love old New England architecture. Maybe I am biased because I am from Rhode Island, but the craftsmanship and attention to detail on these old buildings is breathtaking.

Unique wore a vintage styled wedding dress. Eddie matched Unique perfectly in his vintage styled suit. To be honest, they didn't plan this, but their attire completely complemented the architectural style of Providence City Hall.

The ceremony was quick but to the point. Eddie and Unique declared their love to each other. They promised to love each other until death parts them. Knowing Eddie and upon meeting Unique, I can tell they really meant those words.

After the ceremony, we took pictures within Providence City Hall. Then we strolled past the simple houses on historic Benefit Street — as one-time Providence resident Edgar Allen Poe used to do — to capture some more amazing images.  Although it was a little cold, it was a perfect day for wedding photography.

To Eddie and Unique. May your marriage be strong, fun and as "unique" as the two of you are.



Wedding Dress Alexandra's Bridal Boutique

Men' s Suits JC Penney

Wedding Chapel Providence City Hall

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