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Monday, June 05, 2017
By Michael David
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I am by no means the master when it comes to marriage. I have been wrong or twice:) I have seen some great things come from marriage and some things that are just heartbreaking.  

Being a wedding photographer, I am always tempted to give advice on how to avoid this or that, but I get too scared and I don’t. Well, today is the day!
April and I went through a time, as you will too. You will see something is off. It will be right after the honeymoon phase. Little things will start to annoy you. Maybe it’s the way he chews his gum, the way she corrects you on everything. Reality is going to hit in your marriage.

There’s a book I highly recommend (link below). It’s called “What Did You Expect?” by Paul Tripp. The idea of the book is that we often go into marriage with preconceived ideas. These ideas usually resemble a fairytale. For example:
     • I love my husband so much because he is so thoughtful and remembers everything.
     • Or, my wife will cook seven days a week and clean the house five days a week.
News flash: This past April 26, I rolled out of bed and it took me three hours and a Facebook post to remind me that it was my wife’s birthday. My forgetfulness gave her a heavy dose of reality. 

My wife doesn’t cook seven days a week, and my generally clean house sometimes it looks like a tornado went through it.  These small things can slowly break the foundation of a marriage if you let them.
Tripp breaks it all down better in his book than I could ever explain it. Check out his book to really see marriage put into perspective:

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